The Venus Factor: Why You Like What You Like in a Mate


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Relationships.  Probably the most popular topic in astrology.  Everyone wants to know more about the one they are attracted to.  What is it that makes us attracted to that one across the room?  First thing’s first.  In your natal promise, Venus indicates what you appreciate in your partners, what you are attracted to and why you would make a commitment.  It even describes what type of wedding you would have and what gifts you enjoy receiving.  If there are any challenging aspects in your chart or other strong influences in your chart, some of the Venus qualities will be detracted or lessened.  Depicted below are descriptions of Venus in the signs purely (with no consideration for other factors in your chart).  Enjoy!


Venus in Aries – “The Fast and the Furious” – These lovers are impulsive when it comes to relationships!  Red means GO to them when it comes to…

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Mercury in Scorpio: Watch Your Mouth!



As of yesterday Mercury is now in Scorpio.  Communication takes on a raw uncut form.  So raw that it may stir up some STRONG emotions within you and/or the person you are speaking to.  Use this energy wisely.  You can hurt or heal with it.  One thing is for sure, you can do yourself a favor and get to the point.  The BS will not fly!  Mercury in Scorpio sees/hears/perceives RIGHT through it like x-ray vision.  We will be dealing with this energy til early December because Mercury will retrograde while it’s in Scorpio too, but not yet so don’t get your undies in a bunch!  “The tongue like a sharp knife… Kills without drawing blood.” – Buddha

Red, White, and Blue


Red, White, and Blue

The 4th of July is when the Sun reaches the same degree of Cancer as the Sirius Constellation (which stays stationery at approx 13 degrees of Cancer in the heavens)…Sirius has 3 major stars which flicker RED, WHITE and BLUE (sound familiar)…Cancer energy deals with patriotism (your home base, your roots, your heritage)…as I have mentioned many many times, the Sun represents where our attention goes…so while the Sun is in Cancer our attention goes to the things I mentioned above (among many other)…are you connecting the dots? I can’t help but wonder if the fireworks are related to the flickering of Sirius in the heavens/night sky…ya dig? ♥

Gemini Season: Variety is the Spice of Life!



“I’ll take a little of this and a little of that…”  That’s the theme of Gemini season!  Sampling and exploring one’s curiosity is a major part of the learning process.  The news mimics the Gemini energy in that you see several stories ranging from local crime to sports to useless trivia within a small amount of time.  Whatever you hear or see on the news, you walk away from it learning SOMETHING.  And just like a news reporter goes to the scene and interviews the neighbors, “what did you see? What did you hear? What’s your opinion?…” because they witnessed the crime, Gemini energy is always seeking out information one way or another!  Let’s examine why Gemini energy is so nosy…I mean informed! 🙂


Grade school really exemplifies the Gemini energy on many levels.  From entering kindergarten to graduation of the 12th grade we are asked to use our rational mind, express our thoughts, and communicate effectively.  Think about all the elements in a classroom or a learning environment.  We learn the alphabet, how to write our names (in print and cursive), how to read, how to speak, and to demonstrate how many lessons we have retained as each level is reached.  At the beginning of each school year we get a long list of school supplies where we all run out to STAPLES to get notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, labels, etc – anything to record our thoughts, lessons, or information being conveyed to us.  This is why people born during Gemini season love writing, reading, talking, magazines, word games, books, anything to get what’s on their mind out or to get something in their mind to keep them occupied!  A bored Gemini is a mischievous Gemini! Lol.  This is how Gemini gets the reputation of being the trickster. 


The time of year when Gemini season begins is right around the end of the school year when these grade school activities are most prominent.  Students are studying for final exams, writing essays, and making closing oratory presentations.  This is also the time of the year when the neighborhood is abuzz with children going on school dances, proms, and graduations.  Many nosy neighbors stick their heads out of the window to see what the fuss is or to take pictures of the children they have seen grow up over the years participate in the milestone traditions.  Even at graduation ceremonies, Gemini energy is found where names are called to receive diplomas (paper), speeches are made, even yearbooks are signed – anything that spells out “I’ve learned something!”


Mercury, the planet that influences the Gemini energy, moves around the zodiac the fastest visiting each sign every 7.5 days (not including retrograde periods).  This is what makes Gemini energy so changeable and varied taking tidbits of experiences and information from everywhere.  Gemini is associated with the hands, arms, lungs, and veins in the body.  The veins carry the messages from the brain to the rest of the body parts just as people born under Gemini energy carry the message from one source to another connecting all the right people together.  Just like you cram before a test, SOME Gemini folk know just enough to hold conversation about a topic, but they aren’t concerned with the details because they are already bored and are moving on to the next topic.  Whether it’s writing, using sign language, whispering a secret, greeting with a handshake, or picking up a book, the hands and arms are essential to the way we communicate and express ourselves! 


Themes of Gemini Season: Twins, siblings, neighbors, people you see “around the way”; newsworthy stories, eyewitness testimony (this is how Gemini gets the bad reputation of loving gossip, but really it is Gemini’s need to share what they have learned by what they saw, read, or heard); Messenger Birds – parrots, pigeons, doves are all related to Gemini because of their communicative reputation (this is why Twitter and the United States Postal Service uses birds in their logos); Greeting cards, phone calls, speeches, words of encouragement; Books, magazines, newspapers, notebooks, crossword puzzles, sketchbooks, pens/pencils, and anything else to keep our minds occupied! ~Cosmo Krys, TCR ©2013  

The 26th Degree: Going Out with a Bang!



As I said at the end of my last article that Aries season was going to be nuts.  It’s been so nuts that I haven’t had time to actually bang out an article specifically for Aries season, but if you have been keeping up with my FB page for The Cosmo Report, you have been informed of the cosmo weather we have been dealing with over the past month.  On March 12, Mars (the planet that rules Aries) came on home as a precursor to the Aries season set to begin 8 days later.  As I depicted in the images on Facebook, some of the themes for Aries season (which last for approx. 30 days) would be the military, police, emergency workers, blood, the head, crisis situations, fire, speeding accidents, anger, guns, weapons, fighting, war, and the color red.  Uranus, the planet of unexpected circumstances, technology, and crowds of people, has been in Aries since 2010 so it adds more flavor to these Aries/Mars themes.  Referring back to my post on March 15, 2013 “as mars continues to move towards uranus in aries for the next 7-8 days we will see an increase of fighting/arguing, aggressive police activity, people wearing red, groups of people either engaging in violent, aggressive activities or groups of people just FIRED UP about some cause, speeding accidents, electronics overheating, people being more competitive, fiery explosions/eruptions…”


What happened?  The police in NYC killed a 16 year old boy which caused an outrage in the communities to ensue; the move Olympus Has Fallen was released which had nothing but fire, explosions, and extreme violence throughout the movie; I was told of several personal experiences where people saw speeding accidents, personal injuries that resulted in blood loss, microwaves overheating, arguments that seem to come out of the blue, and the list goes on!

As the sun moved into Aries, it brought life, light, and attention to these Aries themes.  The Sun was chasing Mars and Venus throughout the weeks to follow, but it wasn’t until the night before the Boston Marathon.  The day of the race, the Sun and Mars conjuncted (made it to the same calculated point in the heavens) at 26 degrees of Aries.  The number 26 is very, very significant.  Let’s examine why…


The number 26 popped up quite a bit in the news stories regarding this tragedy.  The New York Times front page headline read, “War Zone at Mile 26: ‘So Many People Without Legs’”.  Well, Aries season many times can feel like a war zone especially with a cluster of planets active in the sign.  The marathon was 26 miles long.  The Moon was at 26 degrees of Gemini when the bomb went off.  The last mile of the Marathon was dedicated to 26 people killed in the Sandy Hook School tragedy.  One of the 2 brothers suspected in the bombing was killed and he was 26 years old.  Lastly, the mineral on the periodic table associated with the number 26 is IRON.  Iron is in the blood.  Everyone who has witnessed the event via images online and in person describe it as a bloody scene.  In Kabbalah, the secret number of God/YHWY is 26.  I said months ago that the heavens were taking humanity in a new direction and changing the structure of our lifestyles and that it will not come without bloodshed.

The Universe makes the changes we need when we don’t have the courage to make the changes ourselves. ~Cosmo Krys, TCR ©2013

Pisces Season: Get Me Outta Here!



It’s the time of the year when we all want to hit the escape button on life.  No, no, not in a suicidal way, but in a “I need a vacation, I’m just gonna sit here and daydream about where I want to be so that it will help me cope with this crazy world we live in” way.  Pisces energy makes us want to just let go of all the everyday mundane activities and drift away into our fantasy worlds like a sailboat drifts from the shore.  And we all use different methods of escape – music, religion/spiritual practices, meditation, dancing, drugs, alcohol, sleeping, daydreaming, being alone, etc, etc.  You see how all those activities have the potential to give us a break from the hustle of the day?


Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac (12th out of 12) which makes it associated with endings or the undoing of ourselves.  It’s like the sun travels through each of the signs putting on all different cloaks and accessories, but when it gets to the Pisces it takes on a 30 day challenge to strip naked.  The next sign in succession, Aries, represents the newness and being born.  What baby do you know comes out with clothes on?  They come out butt booty naked and that’s why Pisces energy is associated with stripping, exotic dancers and all (remember it’s part of the fantasy…and usually where there are strippers there is alcohol and music).  Baring it all.  Letting go of it all.  Dissolving.  That’s what Pisces energy teaches us.


Have you ever tapped on the glass of a fish tank and watched how fast the fish scatter?    Pisces is represented by the little fish swimming in opposite directions.  Why do you think they are facing opposite directions?  It’s to watch each other’s back.  They know how vulnerable they are and by working together they can double their safety.  Pisces energy also teaches us that we are vulnerable in some aspect of our lives.  Just think about how vast the ocean is and how ocean life is vulnerable and very susceptible to its environment.  Ocean natives are constantly adjusting to what is around them (going with the flow – literally) and this is why folks born under the Pisces energy can be easily influenced if not taught how to guard themselves.  There are no real boundaries in the ocean because water has a way of moving around obstacles.  Folks with an abundance of Pisces energy have to be careful who they keep in their midst because they easily pick up on others energy, habits, lifestyle, etc.  This is also why Pisces energy is ‘psychic’ or highly impressionable which is a gift and a curse.


You can always catch a person with prominent Pisces or Neptunian (the planet that rules Pisces) energy speaking about their beliefs or what they have faith in.  They truly are connected to the spiritual realm and long to bear witness to divine intervention.  They are extremely compassionate, sympathetic, and trust that we are all one spirit connected.  They believe what they believe and you can’t move them from it.  Although having steadfast faith is a beautiful thing, it is dangerous when that faith is misplaced and undeserving.  Sometimes they are too focused on the big picture and only seeing what they want to see, instead of what is really there.  This leads to these folks being misled, taken advantage of, and victimized.  Piscean energy folks really have to learn discernment.


This year the Pisces season energy is on next level!   The new Moon @ 21°24’ Pisces on March 11 @ 10:51am PDT/1:51pm EDT will complete a SEVEN planet cluster in Pisces! Whoa!  Wherever Pisces sits in your chart is where your life is really, really active right now.  The seven planets involved are the Sun, Moon, Mercury (still in retrograde), Venus, Mars, Chrion (a planetoid), and Neptune.  That means our vitality and vigor (this is why so many people have been sick because Pisces deals with the immune system and rest), money and commitments (trust issues will arise), communication (or lack there of), spirituality, and family related issues are all wrapped up together!  And with Chiron in the mix, there’s an emotional wound that needs new dressing/bandages on a global scale.  Five of those planets are personal planets so a lot of what we are going through is different for everyone (depending on how those planets are aspected in your natal chart) and the effects are extremely personal.  However, the fact that this cluster is in Pisces makes us all feel connected and sympathetic somewhat to each other’s circumstances.  If nothing more, we can offer an ear to listen without judgment and a shoulder to cry on.


Themes to keep in mind for Pisces Season:  Anything related to ocean life from sailing to shark bites to mystical things washing up on the shore (Tsunamis); Diseases/Flus/Viruses (computer and human); Fraudulent and criminal activity (especially theft); Fictitious stories/Hoaxes/Conspiracy; Spiritual/Divine experiences; Dancing/Music/Poetry/Artistic endeavors; Sleeping/Sleepiness/Dreams; Watch for new Drugs (legal and illegal)/Alcoholic beverages/Mind Altering Substance; Swimming/Spas; Prisons/Institutions; The Feet and Immune System.


Let Go and Let God…get some rest…you’ll need it! (Aries season is gonna be nuts…) ~Cosmo Krys, TCR ©2013